Truth and Lies

So we all know the famous question when a person has to find out which of the two paths lead to his destination and there are two guys sitting there, one of which always speaks the truth and the other always lies. What is the single question he can ask to reach his aim?
Ans: He asks to any one "What would the other guy say if I ask him the direction to my address?" and take the opposite of the answer he gets.

Similar question.
There are two ways (like previous question). One right and the other wrong. But there are 3 guys. One will always speak the truth or keep mum(if he does not know the answer). One will always lie or keep mum(if he does not know the answer). The third will never keep mum and may speak the truth or lie with equal probability. You can ask two questions. Find out your destination.
The "keep mum" clause has been added to provide more breadth to the kind of questions you may ask e.g. you can now ask him to tell you if Clinton actually had a hot affair with Monica and he may keep mum if he does not know it for sure ;-)


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