Three missionaries and three cannibals

Three missionaries and three cannibals had to cross a river in a boat which held two people. If some missionaries were outnumbered, on either shore, by the cannibals, their missions were over. How would all six cross the river, given that all of them could row?


  1. mmmccc ---
    mmmc --- cc (cc on boat)
    mmmcc --- c (c on boat)
    mmm --- ccc (cc on boat)
    mmmc --- cc (c on boat)
    mc --- mmcc (mm on boat)
    mcmc --- mc (mc on boat)
    cc --- mmmc (mm on boat)
    ccc --- mmm (c on boat)
    c --- ccmmm (cc on boat)
    cc --- cmmm (c on boat)
    --- cccmmm (cc on boat)
    Thus all six cross the river.


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