Choose the correct door?

On the game show "Let's make a deal", Monty Hall (the host) walks up to a contestant and gives them $100 unless they want to play "the three doors". They usually turn down the money and play "the three doors". Now behind one of the doors is an enormous cash prize, behind the other too are silly prizes such as a years supply of toilet paper or a goat. So Monty asks this same contestant to pick a door, which they do. Then, before opening the chosen door and revealing what's behind it, he opens one of the other doors which reveals one of the lesser prizes. Monty then gives this contestant the option of staying with their chosen door or switching to the other door which still remains closed. The contestant then decides what to do and is rewarded with whatever prize is behind the door they finally chose. So the question is, what is the probability to win if he switches?


  1. the prob of winning if he switches should be 2/3, cause in the case when he chooses the correct door 1st and then switches, he looses. So out of 3 possible cases, he wins in 2 cases in case of a switch.

  2. @spice yes correct ..
    if anybody needs explanation can ask..


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