MS Question : Should i shoot you

Lets play a game of Russian roulette. You are tied to a chair and can,t get up.Here is the gun , six chambers all empty. Now I put two bullets in the gun and I put these bullets in the adjecent chambers. I close the barrel and spin it. I put the gun to your head and pull the trigger. Clik and the slot was empty. Now before we start the interview I want to pull the trigger one more time , which one do you prefer , that I spon the barrel first or that I just pull the trigger ?


  1. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Pulling the trigger actually helps decrease the probability.
    You know that the last slot was empty. This would mean that this was one of the four empty slots. Knowing that, the probability that you happened to have the last free slot shot at you was 1/4. So the probability that you would be dead in the next shot would be 1/4.
    But if you decide to try for a spin, the probability of landing on a loaded slot is 2/6. So the probability you would be shot dead in the next shot is 1/3 which is more than the previous value.

    Well, I can only calculate, good luck being shot ;)

  2. @Mavrik very good explanation..:)


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