Imlement stack using queue

Given two queues with their standard operations (enqueue, dequeue, isempty, size), implement a stack with its standard operations (pop, push, isempty, size).


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  2. To solve this problem first we have to declare one queue as working queue then enqueue the first element in to that queue.
    after that when we have to push another element then we push another element in other queue then dequeue all elements of working queue one by one till it is empty and enqueue all into other queue in same order and set other queue as working queue.
    this is for pushing elements into stack(implemented in queues).
    for pop operation we just have to dequeue element from working queue that will be the top element for the stack.
    isempty = same isempty operation on working queue.
    size= size of the working queue.

  3. @gaurav yes this will work fine..:)


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