OnMobile Written test puzzle -3

Typical "stars" are drawn in connected, but not repeated, line segments. For example, a 5-point star is drawn as such - line segments AC, CE, EB, BD, DA. The segments must always alternate a constant number of points (in the above case, skipping 1 point in between).
Given the information that there is only 1 way to draw a 5-point star, and that there is NO way to draw a 6-point star (in continuous lines, that is), and there are 2 ways to draw a 7-point star, how many different ways are there to draw a 1000-point star?


  1. Can you elaborate your answer?
    I think according to question we can not have stars using even numbers of dot. it will form a circular loop.

  2. @Geecat please refer to description given at http://www.braingle.com/brainteasers/teaser.php?op=2;id=32838;comm=0

  3. 1000 point is even and hence we cannot draw any stars i hope, is it correct??/

  4. i think since 1000 is an even number, stars cannot be drawn..is it right??????

  5. @above please see the link given in my first comment..


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