100 Tigers and 1 sheep

Hundred tigers and one sheep are put on a magic island that only has grass. Tigers can live on grass, but they would rather eat sheep. Its a Magic Iceland because if a Tiger eats the Sheep then it will become a sheep itself (and hence can be eaten up by another tiger).

Tigers don’t mind being a sheep, but they would never want themselves to be eaten up. All tigers are intelligent and they want to survive. They however, don’t care of survival of others.

Will the sheep survive or will it be eaten up?


  1. They All together can eat sheep and become Sheep.

    Anant Paliwal

  2. @anant this is not that much straight.use some induction approach.

  3. the sheep will survive.
    if there is only 1 tiger, he will eat the sheep.

    if there are 2 tigers, no one will eat because then he will become a sheep and other tiger will eat him.

    if there are 3 tigers, 1 tiger will eat sheep and become a sheep because he knows that when there are two tigers, no one eats the sheep.

    again for 4 tigers, no one wud dare to eat because everyone knows that when 3 tigers are left, one will eat the sheep and so on...

    so, if there are even nos. of tigers, sheep survives, otherwise she is eaten.


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